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What we need to care about when we choose stainless steel sheets

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Because we choose different stainless steel sheets to deal with the corrode problems which we meet in engineering. So selector need to care about the stainless steel corrode resistance in the corrode environment. The corrode resistance includes stainless, acid&alkali&salt resistance and oxidize, vulcanization, chlorinate resistance. Corrosion is an obstruction that the chemical and electrical chemical function do between metal and medium. And corrode resistance is the ability of stainless steel medium corrosion resistance. So when talking about the corrode resistance, do you know what we need to care about when we choose stainless steel sheets?
1. The standard of Corrode resistance is that human makes, so we need to acknowledge it but we can’t be restrained by it. We should assure the standard of corrode resistance according with the use claim.
2. We need care about stainless steel sheets pureness, impurity, colour and quality. The same as the stainless steel sheets using life.
3. We often use ten types standards for the corrode resistance. When choosing which one as the require of corrode resistance, we need to care about the characteristics, thickness and size of all equipment parts.
(1) In common, For using process when we require the equipment and fitting which has clean mirror plate and fine size, we can choose1~3.
(2) For requiring close suitable, lone-time non leak or long-time using fittings, we can choose2~5.
(3) For whose requirement is not difficult, and who need convenient examinations or no-long using life fittings can choose 4~7.
(4) We don’t choose the stainless steel which will corrode over 1mm per year during using. In face, the 10th standard is not adapted to the stainless steel which has some corrosion.