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How to distinguish the quality of stainless steel pipes

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1. Material of stainless steel pipes
Material of stainless steel pipes is the basic of stainless steel pipes quality. The corrode resistance of 316 stainless steel pipes is higher than 304 stainless steel pipes. So, how do we distinguish the material of stainless steel pipes?
(1) Magnetism test: 316 stainless steel pipes and 304 stainless steel pipes magnetism is small.
(2) Nitric acid point test: It is a straight way to test sheets’ corrode resistance. The good stainless steel pipes will get slight corrosion during the test. And the stainless steel pipe which has low corrode resistance will have obvious corrode trail.
(3) Stainless steel test solution: We should assure the stainless steel surface has no stains, and then drop a drop of test solution after rubbing the film on the stainless steel pipes surface. We observe the colour change of stainless steel in the test area and contrast the stainless steel colour and getting red time.
(4) Observe the spark: We can distinguish the material of stainless steel pipes quality through the spark and hardness during cutting and welding.
2. The produce technology of stainless steel pipes:
(1) Polished brightness: the brightness is brighter, the surface of stainless steel pipes is flatter, the oxidize area is smaller and the ability of corrode resistance is stronger.
(2) Nitrogen protection for welds: Produce technology starts to weld, so nitrogen protection for welds can improve the stainless steel pipes ability of corrode resistance.
(3) Degree of precision: the degree of precision of stainless steel pipes is higher, the technology is better, the quality is also better.