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The distinctions of stainless steel material quality

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1. The conception of the stainless steel material: stainless steel materials are all kinds of shape and functions materials which are made by pressing steel ingot and steel bloom. Stainless steel materials are very important things for country constructions and realizing agriculture modernization, industry modernization, national defense modernization and science technology modernization. Stainless steels have wide applications and many varieties. According to the different section shapes, stainless steels can be distinguished as section bar, sheet material, tube and metal. To be easy to organize manufacturing steel material, order and supply and manage well, stainless steel are also distinguished as heavy rail, slight rail, large shape steel, middle shape steel, small shape steel, cold-formed steel, excellent-formed steel, wire, middle-thick steel sheet, thin steel sheet, electric silicon steel piece, strip steel, seamless stainless steel pipe, welding stainless steel, metal production and so on.
2. The ways of manufacturing steel: most steel materials are made through pressing steel materials, the stainless steel material is making the processed steel ( tube, billet and so on) plastic shape. According to the processing temperature, steel has cold-work and hot-work.
The ways of processing steel: rolled—roll the steel material with a pair of rotary rolls (all kind of shapes), because steel material section will decrease when it is rolled. Increasing length is the way in common use which is used to manufacture section steel, steel sheet and steel pipe. It is distinguished as cold-rolled and hot-rolled.
Forging steel materials: the way is a pressing-process way that changes the tube material as the shape and size that we need with forging hammer’ repeat impact or press machine’s pressure. It is usually distinguished as free-forging and modul-forging, it often used to manufacture large section steel,cut bled and other material which has large section.
Pulling steel materials: this is a way that decrease the section of rolled metal billet material (section, pipe and the other) and increase its length which is pulling with die hole.The way is always be used to cold-work.
Extrusion: the way is that we will put the metal in the squeeze container, then, we will press one side to make the metal out from proper die hole to get the products which has the same shape and size. The way is always used to manufacture colour metal steel.